Thursday, September 28, 2017
By Paul's Vegas Photography
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Capturing wedding traditions are one of our favorite things to do. Las Vegas lends itself, being a destination location for wedding to many different cultures which allows us to learn and capture many different wedding traditions. Many of these traditions are shared with family members that come from afar and bring history and culture that if not shared would be lost. We capture these memories so that they can be passed down to the next generation. It's Paul's Vegas Photography job to capture and photograph these wedding traditions.

This is the ceremony portion of a Persian wedding. Just as in western weddings, in this portion, the bride (aroos) and groom (dāmād) are situated infornt of the guests in front of the zoroastrian (wedding table). It's important to photograph the wedding vows are exchanged and the official marriage contracts are signed. Immediately after the couple is formally married, the bride and groom each dip one finger, the pinky finger in a cup of honey and feed the honey to each other. This giving of honey has a symbolic layer of meaning, that of being good health and wishes for the couple and very important to capture with photography.

In Hispanic catholic weddings there is a tradition at the church called the lasso rosary, also called el lazo, is an oversized rosary, it is large enough to be lassoed around the couple. After the couple has exchanged their vows, their wedding sponsors called el padrino and la madrina, place the rosary around the couple’s shoulders, starting with groom’s shoulder and then the bride’s shoulder. Once again it is important for the wedding photographer to capture. The priest recites a prayer that joins them together it is similar to: “Let the union of binding together this rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary be an inspiration to you both. Remember the holiness necessary to preserve your new family can only be obtained by mutual sacrifice and love.” The couple wears the lasso throughout the remainder of the ceremony. At the end of the ceremony the lasso is removed by the priest or by the wedding sponsors who placed the lasso around the couple.  We've captured many catholic wedding in Las Vegas and have experience with the policies of the various priests.

The Jewish wedding ceremony has many traditions and rituals. Paul's Vegas Photography has captured a number of these weddings. The blessing over wine in a Jewish ceremony as seen here is very important to photograph. Two cups of wine are used in the wedding ceremony. The first cup accompanies the betrothal blessings, recited by the rabbi. After these are recited, the couple drinks from the cup. Wine is a symbol of joy in Jewish tradition, . Marriage, called Kiddushin, is the sanctification of a man and woman to each other.

The Ketubah, similar to a marriage license, is signed to outline the husbands various responsibilities including providing his wife with food, shelter and clothing, and to be attentive to her emotional needs. The Ketubah is so important in protecting the rights of a Jewish wife the marriage may not be solemnized until the contract has been completed. This makes this ceremony important to photography. The document is signed by two witnesses, and is a legally binding agreement within Jewish law. The Ketubah is the property of the wife and she must have access to it throughout their marriage. It is often written and adorned with beautiful artwork, to be framed and displayed in the home.

"Jumping the Broom," is celebrated on a couples wedding day. Paul's Vegas Photography has captured "jumping the broom" many times. This is an African American phrase and custom for marriage. Brooms can be waved over the heads of couples to ward off spirits. Commonly, couples jumps over the broom at the end of the ceremony. Jumping over the broom symbolizes the wife's commitment or willingness to clean the courtyard of the new home she has joined. It expresses her overall commitment to the home they will make together.

So if you live in Las Vegas, Nevada or are coming here for a destination wedding you can feel confidant that Paul's Vegas Photography is well versed in many cultures. Even some not highlighted here. If it is something we have not seen or captured we study the tradition and make sure to capture it to preserve for generations to come. Call, text, or email us with all your photography needs. Call or text 702 330-5838 and lets begin a conversation about your wedding needs.  Our direct email is

Saturday, August 26, 2017
By Paul's Vegas Photography
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Looking to experience something different other than your ordinary Las Vegas wedding?  Las Vegas and surrounding areas offer a host of interesting locations which provide for great photo opportunities.  Some of our favorite locations include the Pahrump Valley Winery, the Valley of Fire, Nelson's Landing - El Dorado mine, Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, Floyd Lamb Park and Lake Las Vegas.



Pahrump Valley Winery Wedding

Pahrump Valley Winery - Just outside of Las Vegas over the hump to Pahrump there is a beautiful winery which is available to couples for weddings, either elopement or large parties.  They also have a fantastic restaurant for receptions and there is free wine tasting.  We photograph weddings there all the time and it offers a wedding adventure for our couples. Pauls's Vegas Photography enjoys shooting at this beautiful winery.

Nelson's Landing El Dorado Mine Wedding

Nelson's Landing - El Dorado Mine Weddings are a fun adventure an hour from the Las Vegas strip.  You can have a large party or a small elopement with lots of locations and backgrounds.  For the more adventurous you can do a wedding ceremony inside the mine, which stays at a comfortable 68 degrees most of the year.  Nelson is a good choice for Old Nevada experience.

Valley of Fire Wedding

Valley of Fire is a beautiful natural wedding location featuring alot of red rock formations, hence the name Valley of Fire.  Paul's Vegas Photography has shot a number of weddings in the Valley of Fire and can capture beautiful memories.  It's about a 90 minute drive North of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Red Rock Canyon Wedding

Red Rock Canyon is 15 minutes outside of Las Vegas and offers two locations for weddings and other locations for photography.  You must have a permit to do a wedding there and we can help you obtain one.  Not having a permit there can ruin a special day.  If you have any questions about this location feel free to call and we can discuss Red Rock Canyon for your wedding. 

Lake Las Vegas Weddings

Lake Las Vegas has a number of venues however they can be costly.  There are boats were small elopement parties can perform a wedding ceremony on and then party and take pictures  in the Village.  If you are interested in a boat wedding we can help. 

Tule Springs - Floyd Lamb Park

Tule Springs - Floyd Lamb Park is a oasis in the North part of Las Vegas about 30 minutes from the strip and offers a number of locations and has 6 small ponds.  It is inexpensive to enter the park and no City permit is needed for small groups.  This is our go to place when budget is an issue.

If you are interested in any of these locations for your wedding please give Paul's Vegas Photography a call so we can help you plan. 702 330-5838 or text

Tuesday, August 01, 2017
By Paul's Vegas Photography
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We love what we do, however couples do not understand the cost involved with professional wedding photography. Wedding photography have years of education and training just like any other field. Some study photography for 4 years or even longer. With photographers at Paul’s Vegas Photography education is an ongoing and continuing process.

A lot of times couples are only aware of the amount of time the photographer spends at their wedding. The time that is invested in photography is not just what you see when your photographer is pointing the camera at you. The final images do not just appear as a final product without timing, lighting, calibrating, and adjusting. Wedding Photography takes many hours after the images are taken to make a final product. The hours that are spent after the shoot are never taken in to consideration. On the average, a wedding that is 6 hours of photography time takes around 24 hours to complete. Some photographers offer to give raw images right out of the camera. This saves those photographers a lot of labor however the product you would be receiving is not the quality you receive with companies like Paul’s Vegas Photography.


Another factor that goes into the cost of professional photography is the equipment which does not come by easily. The cost of professional equipment to do a wedding correctly takes several different cameras, lenses, flashes, diffusers, and all the other things that are brought to the wedding. On the average, a professional wedding photographer will invest in over $10,000 of equipment. Quality wedding photography requires current updated and top of the line equipment. We have seen weddings captured with consumer cameras thinking that they will get the same result. The reason we have seen these weddings are couples have asked us after their weddings to view and correct images that were taken. After the fact is not what you should have to deal with. And most of the time they cannot be corrected as the images are not in a professional format.

Wedding Photography is a specialty within photography. You might have a friend that is a photographer that specializes in babies, children, food, or whatever. When it comes to wedding photography it takes years’ experience including posing classes and lighting to get it right! We shot a first anniversary for a couple and while we were getting prepared for the shoot the bride showed us her wedding images. The images that she showed us came to a total of 25 most of them blurry and out of focus with bad color exposure. The problem with the photos was that the photographer had only shot families and children with natural light. She was not prepared for an indoor wedding and was relying on natural light provided by the venue.

Next time your photographer explains why the cost for your Wedding Photography is X understand that we put time effort and care into what we do as a professional.

If you would like more information please call us to discuss all your Wedding Photography needs! 702-330-5838 We can also help with questions about venues, flowers, party planners etc.

Monday, June 12, 2017
By Paul's Vegas Photography
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An Engagement is one of the most beautiful moments ;you can share with your partner, as you decide that from this moment forward you know you are both committed and excited for all of the endless and loving memories you will be making for the rest of your lives, starting with this moment now, the engagement the first chapter of your whole new world.

Arnulfo visiting from Texas decided that it would be the high roller at the Linq. We were able to capture memories that will last this couple their lifetime with the beautiful lite up night time sky of Las Vegas!


Not Far from Las Vegas we captured Tyler and Ali at the gorgeous Pahrump Valley Winery

As you can see the amazing weather brought about many smiles, but the smile that lit up Ali's face when Tyler proposed really outdoes them all!


Following up with locations around Las Vegas would be the Grand Canyon, and what could be more romantic than a helicopter ride?

Looking out over the desert surrounded by love in the air, Dillion proposed. They were engaged and we captured some breathtaking views of the couples helicopter ride surprise!


Another one of our favorite engagements would have to be the classic "vacation scenery tour." We have followed many couples around the Las Vegas strip as they saw everything from the Welcome to Las Vegas sign, to the Bellagio Water Fountains.

All these couples had one thing one thing to do, get down on one knee and ask that special person the question "will you marry me?" It is such a joy to capture surprise and tears. We LOVE what we do! 


These are just a few of the amazing memories that we have had the pleasure of capturing in and around Las Vegas! We would love to be there to capture and share these unforgettable moments with you. Contact us today to schedule your engagement shoot with us!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017
By Paul's Vegas Photography
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Lets face it, weddings are stressful and requires a lot of planning. Sometimes you have months or even years to plan and as you sit at home looking at Pinterest, Instagram, wedding wire, the knot...and so on. You see lots of wonderful images and you start dreaming.  You'll start to think I need 25 foot white horse drawn carriage, 24 white doves to be release at the end of the ceremony, 10 dozens peonies out of season, custom light sabers at $600 each for the 4 grooms men or a wedding dress at $6500 and a reception dress at $3500 (all things we have seen at our weddings). The list of ideas for weddings are endless, however, after you ride the carriage or release the doves all that remains is what ever the photographer was able to capture of that moment.  

For some reason the first place couples want to cut their budget is the photography. Maybe my uncle can shoot the pictures for FREE because I really need those doves at $600 to circle my wedding party and those two dresses at $10,000.  We've invited 350 guests to the church and reception but we only have $500 for photography and we need 8 hours of coverage.

Let's face it there are a lot of photographers in Las Vegas.  How in the world do you pick a photographer?  Here is our list of 5 things to consider when selecting a wedding photographer in Las Vegas.


1. Experience - Weddings are very difficult to capture and require years of experience to learn how to work with wedding couples, family members, wedding party, the venue, the other vendors.  Knowing where you will need to stand to get the right shots or knowing when you need to move to the be in the right spot comes with experience.  We've shot over 400 weddings and we still are perfecting our craft.  You need to use a photographer who shoots weddings as their main source of income.


2. Personality and Style- You and your quests will be interacting with the photographer(s) during your wedding. What is the photographer personality like? Many photographers know how to take pictures but are horrible with interacting with people. In Las Vegas we get a lot of destination weddings and we don't always get a chance to meet the couples a head of time.  However, call the photographers you are considering and see who is a good fit. Speak to us on the phone we want to hear from you. Also, remember you will have people of all age groups at your wedding and maybe the cutie photographer who just graduated high school seems like a nice person, however may not be respected by your older family members.  As far as, as style check out there website and most likely that is what the photos the photographer will deliver to you will look like.  If you like faded pastel colors don't select a photographer who delivers vibrant colors.  This includes poses and camera angles.


3 Reviews - Getting to know your photographer from other couples who took the time to write about them is a good starting point. How many online reviews does a photographer have?  What do people say?  Are they 5 stars and nothing more or were the couples impressed enough with the work to take time to actually write something.  Also, check out place likes Google, BBB, Yelp besides wedding sites like weddingwire.


4 The Right Stuff - Ask the photographers do you have insurance, business license and the camera model(s) then look them up online? This is my catch all for professional equipment, business licenses, liability insurance. Many venues require insurance and business licenses and you won't want to scramble to meet the venues requirements when your photographer doesn't have these items.  We once were hired to video a wedding and the photographer (who was cheaper than us) showed up a consumer camera and no additional flash. We have ten of thousands of dollars of equipment and annual service contracts with the manufacture for the equipment. This wedding the discount photographer was to shoot was timed to end at sunset however the bride was late. So now it is too dark for her camera to capture quality images and she was having trouble focusing because to the lack of light. She wanted to borrow equipment from us to do her job however we could only spare a few items and we didn't have out still photography equipment.  Needless to say the bride was disappointed the the photography but loved our video.


5. Budget - This is one of the difficult areas because you can find photographers who will work for very little to ones who charge $500 per hour and you receive nothing and have to buy all of your images.  What is the difference? There are a lot of factors which go into pricing. Experience, personality, reviews, equipment, awards, the market place and ego are all factors.  If you are receiving digital images are they color and exposure corrected?  If you don't ask, you might have to have someone correct the images before you can print them (which costs money) If you want an album what kind of album are you expecting? Albums can be something you pick up at Walmart and slide 4 x 6 prints into or custom designed archival quality works of art that will last generations. You should discuss with your photographer what options they offer and what are those costs.


We hope this helps.  We know wedding planning is difficult if you have any questions about your photographer selection we are always open to discuss your needs. Just give us a call 702 330-5838 and speak with one of us at Paul's Vegas Photography