Tuesday, May 23, 2017
By Paul's Vegas Photography
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Lets face it, weddings are stressful and requires a lot of planning. Sometimes you have months or even years to plan and as you sit at home looking at Pinterest, Instagram, wedding wire, the knot...and so on. You see lots of wonderful images and you start dreaming.  You'll start to think I need 25 foot white horse drawn carriage, 24 white doves to be release at the end of the ceremony, 10 dozens peonies out of season, custom light sabers at $600 each for the 4 grooms men or a wedding dress at $6500 and a reception dress at $3500 (all things we have seen at our weddings). The list of ideas for weddings are endless, however, after you ride the carriage or release the doves all that remains is what ever the photographer was able to capture of that moment.  

For some reason the first place couples want to cut their budget is the photography. Maybe my uncle can shoot the pictures for FREE because I really need those doves at $600 to circle my wedding party and those two dresses at $10,000.  We've invited 350 guests to the church and reception but we only have $500 for photography and we need 8 hours of coverage.

Let's face it there are a lot of photographers in Las Vegas.  How in the world do you pick a photographer?  Here is our list of 5 things to consider when selecting a wedding photographer in Las Vegas.


1. Experience - Weddings are very difficult to capture and require years of experience to learn how to work with wedding couples, family members, wedding party, the venue, the other vendors.  Knowing where you will need to stand to get the right shots or knowing when you need to move to the be in the right spot comes with experience.  We've shot over 400 weddings and we still are perfecting our craft.  You need to use a photographer who shoots weddings as their main source of income.


2. Personality and Style- You and your quests will be interacting with the photographer(s) during your wedding. What is the photographer personality like? Many photographers know how to take pictures but are horrible with interacting with people. In Las Vegas we get a lot of destination weddings and we don't always get a chance to meet the couples a head of time.  However, call the photographers you are considering and see who is a good fit. Speak to us on the phone we want to hear from you. Also, remember you will have people of all age groups at your wedding and maybe the cutie photographer who just graduated high school seems like a nice person, however may not be respected by your older family members.  As far as, as style check out there website and most likely that is what the photos the photographer will deliver to you will look like.  If you like faded pastel colors don't select a photographer who delivers vibrant colors.  This includes poses and camera angles.


3 Reviews - Getting to know your photographer from other couples who took the time to write about them is a good starting point. How many online reviews does a photographer have?  What do people say?  Are they 5 stars and nothing more or were the couples impressed enough with the work to take time to actually write something.  Also, check out place likes Google, BBB, Yelp besides wedding sites like weddingwire.


4 The Right Stuff - Ask the photographers do you have insurance, business license and the camera model(s) then look them up online? This is my catch all for professional equipment, business licenses, liability insurance. Many venues require insurance and business licenses and you won't want to scramble to meet the venues requirements when your photographer doesn't have these items.  We once were hired to video a wedding and the photographer (who was cheaper than us) showed up a consumer camera and no additional flash. We have ten of thousands of dollars of equipment and annual service contracts with the manufacture for the equipment. This wedding the discount photographer was to shoot was timed to end at sunset however the bride was late. So now it is too dark for her camera to capture quality images and she was having trouble focusing because to the lack of light. She wanted to borrow equipment from us to do her job however we could only spare a few items and we didn't have out still photography equipment.  Needless to say the bride was disappointed the the photography but loved our video.


5. Budget - This is one of the difficult areas because you can find photographers who will work for very little to ones who charge $500 per hour and you receive nothing and have to buy all of your images.  What is the difference? There are a lot of factors which go into pricing. Experience, personality, reviews, equipment, awards, the market place and ego are all factors.  If you are receiving digital images are they color and exposure corrected?  If you don't ask, you might have to have someone correct the images before you can print them (which costs money) If you want an album what kind of album are you expecting? Albums can be something you pick up at Walmart and slide 4 x 6 prints into or custom designed archival quality works of art that will last generations. You should discuss with your photographer what options they offer and what are those costs.


We hope this helps.  We know wedding planning is difficult if you have any questions about your photographer selection we are always open to discuss your needs. Just give us a call 702 330-5838 and speak with one of us at Paul's Vegas Photography


Wednesday, May 10, 2017
By Paul's Vegas Photography
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Our team at Paul's Vegas Photography has shot more than a thousand headshots for professionals.  We have found there are some things that you can do to help us create the headshot that best represents you.


10 tips for Professional Headshots

1. Do not put lotions, sun screens, or any oil on your skin the day of your headshot. Matte makeup is the best to use. You don't want to look shinny. Oils reflect light and require additional photoshop in order reduce the shine.

2. Iron, steam or press your clothes, your a professional and you should look like you care about your appearance.

3. Sold color clothes - small patterns cause problems for cameras. Also avoid large jewelry, small simple jewelry is best.  

4. Women's makeup needs to be matte and natural looking.  Professional makeup artists know that for photography, models need matte finish makeup to be photograph properly. If you plan on doing your own makeup then you should look into finding matte finish makeup. We recommend women use a professional makeup artist. Do not use makeup with glitter.  Having glitter in your makeup is great for nightclubs but it doesn't work for business photography.

5. Hair, wear it as you would normally wear it. Your headshots are not a place to experiment on a new hair style. 

6. Colors selection is important blue, green and grey usually work better.  Be cautious of white, pinks, bright yellows, bright oranges as your main outfit color..

7 Layers are good most of the time.  You should think about bringing layers of clothes.  It offers us options when creating your headshot.

8. Women's neckline is import when selecting clothes, You want to select a neckline that draws attention to you face, not other parts of your body. Avoid turtle neck also. Remember the headshot is to be used for business and you should dress that way.

9. Get some sleep the night before your headshot session.  The better rested you are the better your headshots will look.  We know that is tough in Las Vegas sometimes but it will make a difference. Drink plenty of water the night before your headshots, remember it is the desert.

10. Think about the audience you are trying to reach with your headshot and select clothes which that audience expects a professional in your field would wear.


These tips will help us create professional headshot which in turn will create your best professional image.  Book your headshot session today at our studio or your office call 702 330-5838 for details and rates.

Friday, April 28, 2017
By Paul's Vegas Photography
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When it comes to Las Vegas everyone thinks of the "strip". We are here to show you that there are many other beautiful scenic areas within the Las Vegas area. These areas lend them self to some of our favorite photographs and locations. Some of those locations we love are The Valley of Fire, Red Rock, Mt Charleston, Parhump Winery, and Lake Las Vegas.

For more information on location photography at beautiful locations feel free to contact us at Contact Email


We also work with Ace of Hearts Wedding Chapel which offers packages to many of these locations at Ace of Hearts location wedding packages 

*All of the photography in the packages are captured by Paul's Vegas Photography

Sunday, January 31, 2016
By Paul and Lisa
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Nelson Ghost Town/Mine is located about an hour from Las Vegas.  Nothing like a western sunset to make for beautiful photography.

Recenlty we photographed a couple from Canada and their friends.  The town is full of fun places and backdrops to capture.

There a plane crash is a prop from a movie filmed there.


Old truck and cars in this shot we put the entire wedding party. 

Wedding by Bonnie performed the ceremony which was held in the hay-loft of one the many barns.

What a view of the mountains the colorado river valley from that perspective.  Bonnie's ceremony was touching and our Canadian's were a happy group and where excited to see a real old Western town.

This couple thought outside of the box and got some unique once in a lifetime photo's of their wedding day.

Monday, January 18, 2016
By Lisa and Paul
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We just wanted to help the couples out with some thoughts about there time that will be needed for pictures. You have found the photographer you wanted to capture your special day. Well, let us tell you that we need time to photograph your wedding. We want you in the best light and with smiles on your face. The only tears we want you to have are because you never thought this day would come. What we do not want is to capture you stressed and feeling under pressure because you have not alotted enough time for us to do your portraits before everyone see's you.

On the most beautiful day of your life. So we want you to know that we as photographers need time. Make sure you give us at least an hour maybe two before you walk down that isle. You get comfortable with us and we have some fun so your nerves are not showing. 

Then we head to your ceremony which in Las Vegas, Nevada can be fast and furious or very long and drawn out. So let's make sure we discussed time with your officiant/priest/rabbi to make sure we cover it all! We must take in to concideration things you have added to the ceremony such as candle lighting, hand fasting, sand ceremony,things of that nature.

After the cermony we need time with your wedding party and family members if we have not done this prior to going down the isle. Most importantly this wedding is about you the bride and groom. Please let us use that cocktail hour to do your portraits! We want you both to have memories that you will want to have hanging in your home for a lifetime. 

The reception is fun! It is fun for you and it fun but work for the photographer to get everything captured that happens for the next 3-4 hours. So just a little thought needs to go into how much time you really need us for. Make sure you get everything you want because you will not be doing this again!